Green ICT

To satisfy the environmental criteria should not be a constraint, but a need for the company.

While structuring better the organization than each one manages to reduce the wastings and the inherent risks to any human activity.

The ICT which took a considerable place in our lifestyle does not escape to this golden rule.

To speak concretely, let’s take some examples of topicality:

– The well-conceived network FTTD («Fiber To The Desk»), offer of numerous advantages: notably that of eliminating the intermediate equipment of a classical network «copper/ optic fibre» that consumes heat uselessly. This energy surge in pure loss, not recovered (to warm a building), requires equipment of cooling and additional expenses of maintenance. It is therefore a uselessly expensive energy increasing the risks of weakness and the expensive solutions to delimit them!

– A not optimized computer network the presence of plethoric equipment characterizes often or « over-consumers». What they are PCS, switches or cameras of surveillance, the logic is the same one: the uselessly consumed electric power weights down the bill of electricity and the expenses of maintenance.

Beyond these few examples, the ICT «green» is a way of reasoning the client to spread himself up to the optimalisation in the management by the customer of his contracts of maintenance and of commitment with his purveyor.

But are we always conscious of these numerous direct and indirect expenses that, in the long run, burden sometimes our already limited budgets severely?

If it is already not made, why not to adopt a time for all the principle «Making better, one can realize more»? For that purpose, please do not hesitate to consult our «Products» or contact us.