Ringstar / Preco-Net : we propose the solution for your networks


Less C02


Less labor


More flexibility


More performances


More of redundancy


Cost inferior to the conventional wiring

An example: with the solution Ringstar, more of 2300 ports RJ 45 on a cable of a diameter less than 20mm. Who does suggest better?

Other example: our solution Preco-NET allows an ultra-fast deployment of your LAN and cubbyhole of a factor 60 the number of cables to pull. The whole with a superior bandwidth to a conventional copper wiring of type CAT6A or CAT7.

Decentralized Architecture Increases Reliability and Reduces System Costs

Since 2000, MOBOTIX IP cameras have been known for their high-quality video performance and low
bandwidth consumption thanks to their “decentralized architecture”. The cameras themselves execute
video analysis & event detection internally, and manage their video ring buffer on a NAS or server by
themselves. This reduces the workload of the VMS workstation and network dramatically. Network
fluctuations or longer interruptions are compensated by an onboard video buffer (SD card).

As a result : MOBOTIX video systems are very reliable and need fewer servers, fewer workstations and less
network infrastructure than other brands. This reduces the overall system costs as well as power
consumption and the total energy bill. Encrypted recording by the camera itself guarantees data
security and privacy.

IT-NET vous aide à faire les bons choix dans le domaine de la vidéosurveillance. Avec vous, nous trouverons une solution à coût abordable, performante et sans les classiques contrats de maintenances qui grèvent de façon significative et durable vous coûts d’utilisations.

Let's find together a solution that suits you!

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