Who are we ?

Bernard Degives

Managing Director
Bachelor of Communication (ULB) he also got a master’s degree in business administration. He worked 10 years within a multinational company in distribution of active and passive solutions for computer networks before founding IT-NET which he is currently Managing Director.

IT-Net is recognized in the world of ICT, either in infrastructure campus, buildings or factories.

We identify and offer conventional and advanced technologies in the field ‘networking – structured wiring’, as well as in the intelligent monitoring.

Our 15 years’ experience in the field allows us to present solutions favouring the flexibility and performance.

For example, compared to a conventional network “fiber-copper”, imposing costly intermediate levels, the concept of FTTO (Fiber To The Office) removes bottlenecks.

The FTTO we propose provides redundancy and security, to the user.

It is no longer necessary to rewire then to install this redundancy; which, moreover, allows the user to use the fiber to the place and at the time needed.

How, at the same price, to get more?

This is indeed a topical issue, if one refers to the listed institutions which, with reasonable budgets, have adopted this approach.

New: Preco-NET allows ultra-rapid deployment of your networks in all types of environments.





New Challenges

ICT and video monitoring to new challenges!

Another example here in the surveillance (supervision), with advanced cameras IP / PoE: more intelligent cameras, it is from now on possible to the user to be connected in a much simpler way to the network and this is a completely evolutionary way. These sucessful cameras consume not much electricity due to their design, require no internal heating and are very resistant mechanically.

The evolution wants that these cameras become integrated, not only, harmoniously into the network but that their scope is widened to satisfy in any conformity the necessities of the environment. And it, in a homogeneous system: access control, opening of doors with sound / image, selective detection of the risks (temperature, control of the industrial processes, management improved by the guarding) etc. The greater requirements of the applications require more and more the intelligent cameras, without it is necessary of providing solutions overall more expensive.

According to our experiment, the one who controls at the same time aspects ICT and those of the cameras, has a considerable technical advantage. It is obviously in the above mentioned fields and of the integration of these solutions in your environment that we can best advise you and to help you. With the assistance of its specialized partners, IT-NET is present in the sector of Defense and in other sectors such as hospitals and health care, large distribution, petrochemicals (Seveso, stations), universities, public authority, companies, factories, etc.